7 Simple Steps to Follow Before Starting a Keto Diet

You are aware of the ketogenic diet. You’ve considered a ketogenic diet. You’ve reached the stage where you’re ready to give the keto diet a try.

Hold on. Anything worthwhile must be carried out properly.

Make sure you’re positioning yourself for success by taking the appropriate actions before going all in.

In this way, you may commit to something, see it through to the conclusion, and benefit from all the rewards in between, rather than going into it blind.

1. Do some research on the foods you’ll be eating (and those you won’t be able to).

Keto dieting is serious business. You’ll be severely limiting your carbohydrate intake. No more than 20 to 30 net carbohydrates should be consumed daily on a ketogenic diet. I’m done now. So, no more bread, unfortunately. Stop using refined sugar. Basically no more carbs at all.

As a result of entering a ketogenic state, where you burn fat for energy instead of typical carbohydrates, your body is also likely to lose weight quickly. (Therefore, it is done.)

2. Reconsider the entire “fat” concept.

Have you ever felt reluctant to eat fat? Do you really believe it will make you fat? You’re not by yourself, for sure. It’s untrue to say that a high-fat diet makes you obese. Your choice of healthy vs trans fats depends entirely on the type of fats you ingest.

You’ll have to give up the entire “low-fat” concept if you want to follow a ketogenic diet. It’s okay and even vital for you to succeed to consume fatty foods frequently (like, a lot, a lot). Olive oil, butter, and the meat’s “white” portion? Those people are your pals.

3. Consider a career as a chef.

Being bored is one of the major obstacles to following a ketogenic diet. There are two methods for doing that. The first is to use your culinary creativity. Observe a Pinterest board with only keto recipes. them on Google. Please visit our blog. Just constantly trying new things and innovating so you never become bored.

The second choice is to order Diet-to-Go meals, which we naturally believe is the finest alternative. Yes, you did read that right. We have a diet programme that is especially focused on keto. We’ll do the thinking for you with our delicious, freshly cooked meals. All you have to do is reheat them and consume.

4. Tell your network of supporters.

As we’ve previously mentioned, following the ketogenic diet can be difficult (albeit rewarding). Leaning on friends and family when faced with a challenge might spell the difference between success and failure.

Inform your loved ones of your plans and your method of action. Share your plans, deadlines, and objectives. Most importantly, make sure to share your success with others.

5. Get ready to experience the keto flu.


The first few days of this diet are one aspect that frequently hits folks like a sledgehammer. Consider this. Your body is being forced into a situation it has probably never experienced, one in which it forgoes its usual fuel source in favour of something completely new.

You’ll probably experience a shift in your energy level, fatigue, and lethargicness. It may be challenging for you to think clearly due to mental fogginess. Make sure your start date doesn’t fall on a week with a lot of tight deadlines or a big project due date.

6. Look into buying supplements.

The liver uses up a lot of water and electrolytes when your body is in ketosis. Some folks discover that taking potassium and salt tablets balances things out and keeps everything in check. Increase your salt intake, sip bone broth, and eat a lot of non-starchy vegetables including spinach, artichokes, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, and celery.

7. Make a strategy for follow-up.

The keto diet is excellent for quickly shedding weight.
However, it probably won’t last forever. Once you achieve your goals, create a follow-up strategy to position yourself for long-term success.

Returning to the eating patterns that initially got you into problems is the last thing you want to do. Know exactly what you’re going to eat (and not eat) after to avoid all that craziness.